Save the Corfu date

Hoped you’ve saved the date as the busy wedding and celebration season on Corfu, begins again soon. It could be a renewal of marriage vows, a wedding blessing or a symbolic wedding. It really is the best place for a relaxed and joyous ceremony and party with family and friends, what’s not to like?!

ImageAs a tribute to dear old Rabbie Burns and a reminder that it’s not long ’til Valentine’s Day folks, let’s celebrate the wonderful feelings of not only falling in love, but being in love and staying in love. It’s a precious and fragile thing. When unrequited, when lost, it delivers a pain beyond words. Cherish your loved ones.


heart graffiti 1000x359In the Hindi and Nepalese languages, the word “sally” means sister in law. In those cultures, family positions dictate specific roles and duties within the family life.

Those who have the position of sally, must take responsibility for the arrangements of the wedding and marriage of family members.

It’s a funny old world, this life!

Peacock Powers

peacock croppedDear clients of mine who will be having a wedding blessing next year, have told me that the peacock is a very important yogic symbol as it is capable of turning poison into nutrition and represents transformation.

Strangely, as symbolism and meaning are so important to me, I have never particularly considered my own surname and it’s relevance to weddings and celebrations, which is my joyous work!

Of course, their insight into the peacock meaning got me going and I had to research further.

Apparently the symbolism of a peacock at a wedding ceremony can bring the following amazing qualities to your special day!:

Integrity, showing your true colors, nobility, holiness, guidance, protection, watchfulness, great vibrancy, “a walk of faith”, self-esteem booster, vision, refinement, spirituality and incorruptibility (a take on that ‘forsaking all others’ line from traditional wedding vows!) Phew!

I was delighted to also learn that in Hindu culture, the Peacock is associated with the deity Lakshmi, representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck.

Well, well, the power of a name and the symbolism of a stunning bird!

“No pressure Sally!” I thought to myself.

Hope that I can live up to it, certainly trying my best xx

Love Got a good feeling as a fellow blogger, Patrick Latter, has begun to re-post his amazing photography to an astonishingly happy group of followers. http://www.hikingphoto.com/2013/11/26/shambhala-2013/

My good friend Janet, who also has an amazing talent, has started a blog to share her photographic work in this wonderful community of creative people. http://janetreidmanphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/claire-has-got-her-man/

It will be a good feeling to share a celebration on Corfu with Janet next year with happy couples at their wedding, their life commitment as civil partners, renewing their vows or naming their new baby. Life has so many reasons to celebrate, enjoy!

Risk, trust, and inspiration are words that I focus on today. Remembrance Sunday is an emotional one for me. The loss and the sacrifice of those who have died in horrendous war moves me beyond words. How arrogant of me to consider that I might have elements of my life that could be better. We all take risks in our lives, none could be so great as to risk your life for others. We have a huge trust in the protection given by others, we should be inspired to live our precious live’s to the fullest. Above all though, we should prevent war.

Bridging the gap

bridge1000x340Preparing to bridge the gap between Corfu and UK to see my wedding couples who are planning celebrations in Corfu. Usually starting in Edinburgh, the city of my birth, I then go on tour via Manchester and London. As a qualified Marriage and Family Celebrant, I am so looking forward to seeing them all, it’s going to be an exciting trip.

For anyone considering a similar celebration, don’t worry, I’ll be back again in either the Springtime or Autumn to start the planning your personal symbolic ceremony!

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