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Love Got a good feeling as a fellow blogger, Patrick Latter, has begun to re-post his amazing photography to an astonishingly happy group of followers. http://www.hikingphoto.com/2013/11/26/shambhala-2013/

My good friend Janet, who also has an amazing talent, has started a blog to share her photographic work in this wonderful community of creative people. http://janetreidmanphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/claire-has-got-her-man/

It will be a good feeling to share a celebration on Corfu with Janet next year with happy couples at their wedding, their life commitment as civil partners, renewing their vows or naming their new baby. Life has so many reasons to celebrate, enjoy!


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bridge1000x340Preparing to bridge the gap between Corfu and UK to see my wedding couples who are planning celebrations in Corfu. Usually starting in Edinburgh, the city of my birth, I then go on tour via Manchester and London. As a qualified Marriage and Family Celebrant, I am so looking forward to seeing them all, it’s going to be an exciting trip.

For anyone considering a similar celebration, don’t worry, I’ll be back again in either the Springtime or Autumn to start the planning your personal symbolic ceremony!

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happy bride300x336

You know when you get that spare second in your life and remember to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

And you know when you get that really weird feeling if you have ever Googled yourself!?

Well I’ve just done both, right now.

I am happily chuffed to bits as “Corfu Celebrant” brings me up @ number 2 & 3, of only 3 so that makes me a bit unique.

Which is nice.

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kite1000x340Congratulations!  Get the rainbow flags out! Same sex marriages have become legal in UK. Plan for 2014 and celebrate with a symbolic ceremony here in Corfu! It’s a dream come true, long overdue but finally there is recognition and equality. Crack open that champagne, mine’s a large one.

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Keep it coming

Come on Team GB!

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OK, so for those sparky loyal followers – the subject, at the minute, is the delicate firefly.

It’s a sure sign of Spring, after the recent and current chill, great news. Bring it on.

Amazingly, first seen 5 minutes ago in Pelekas.

A very welcome and sweet firefly on the roadside up past Jimmy’s taverna.


Now, how’s that for an early surprise……beat that!

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The Corfu sky is a totally different blue to the paler Indian version, it’s a beautiful, clear, deep colour. Easter comes first I know, but gathering flowers for a May 1st wreath is a delight. Finding a field of cornflowers one Corfiot spring, is a lovely memory of the wonderful nature of this island.

Blue hues are quite a spring colour here; tiny grape hyacinth; delicate honesty; sweet violets; scented rosemary; soft mallow & bristley borage.

Cornflowers are my favourite, the blue gems featured in my glorious wedding bouquet. Nick’s been reminding me…19 years ago! Tempus fugit.

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