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Love Got a good feeling as a fellow blogger, Patrick Latter, has begun to re-post his amazing photography to an astonishingly happy group of followers. http://www.hikingphoto.com/2013/11/26/shambhala-2013/

My good friend Janet, who also has an amazing talent, has started a blog to share her photographic work in this wonderful community of creative people. http://janetreidmanphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/claire-has-got-her-man/

It will be a good feeling to share a celebration on Corfu with Janet next year with happy couples at their wedding, their life commitment as civil partners, renewing their vows or naming their new baby. Life has so many reasons to celebrate, enjoy!


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Risk, trust, and inspiration are words that I focus on today. Remembrance Sunday is an emotional one for me. The loss and the sacrifice of those who have died in horrendous war moves me beyond words. How arrogant of me to consider that I might have elements of my life that could be better. We all take risks in our lives, none could be so great as to risk your life for others. We have a huge trust in the protection given by others, we should be inspired to live our precious live’s to the fullest. Above all though, we should prevent war.

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bridge1000x340Preparing to bridge the gap between Corfu and UK to see my wedding couples who are planning celebrations in Corfu. Usually starting in Edinburgh, the city of my birth, I then go on tour via Manchester and London. As a qualified Marriage and Family Celebrant, I am so looking forward to seeing them all, it’s going to be an exciting trip.

For anyone considering a similar celebration, don’t worry, I’ll be back again in either the Springtime or Autumn to start the planning your personal symbolic ceremony!

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At the minute I am at the edge of my seat, I cannot contain my anxiety and desire for Andy to succeed, it takes me all my strength to watch the screen, I am having to listen to the crowd reaction as I am hidden behind the sofa, like I was as a 7 year old watching Dr Who! The fear and concern is so strong.  Oh, please dear Dunblane boy, you keep strong. How I remember that tragic day thinking my nephew and niece were there, for those children who lost their lives and their teacher, Andy you deserve to win.

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As 2012 nears its end,  it’s an opportune time to reflect.

For all of us, looking back can often help see what’s been achieved, it’s a valuable tool. Where, who, what, why, & how are some possible questions.

Where: Stiffling Corfu, Athens, crazy Mumbai, friendly hot Benaulim, wild London 2012, Wembley, beloved Edinburgh, Perth (the Scottish original), cool Chiswick, Exeter, sweet St. Omer, vertical Verbier, ol’ bucksville Beaconsfield again

Who: Sheila, Amin, Ashok, Ron & Fatima, Sharon Pewsh & Mega, Cilla from the beach, Suraj, Ron & Fatima, Ivy, Jean da Silva, cool Mr.Lennox, Lindsay & Heide, uber cool Martin Eder, Hawaii Linda, Katharine & darling family

What: A necessary & welcome UK business, a never ever ending Greek one, a cool but weird & brilliant one in Laskarina, easy commute to a new workhouse, a tiny Pelekas art gallery, choices in work & living spaces, social too, continued excellent customer service delivery, journeys & travels on so many levels

Why: To keep moving & remain fluid, to try to have a good life

How:  Patience & commitment as always, dogged determination, looking forward with continued strength, unending resilience…

The highlights: Our mums both safe at home, First class Indian rail, bicycles from Margao, hammock & beers on Benaulim beach, natural stones from Amin, Corfu sunshine & the clarity of the sea, seeing old friends & meeting new, sharing good times & being able to share times that are less than good

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As part of my diverse world, at the minute, I attempt to offer support to a sufferer of bi-polar, the person also suffers from further mental ill health and personality disorder. In the dim & distant past, I have helped many people with physical & mental problems. In my mind, I can only think how would it be ‘if that was me?’

Mental ill health can often be invisible to us, but it is everywhere.

Talking about TV programmes and documentaries, the Channel 4 series, The Big Hoarder, has been a helpful eye opener to the diverse extent of mental illness.

Only by watching an occasional episode, I have observed some clear similarities in the people featured, bless them and those who are willing to offer them support. Utter determination and strength are needed.

Intelligence, is my first thought, articulate in language, tunnel visioned in their quest, a similarity regarding a need for news, storing of news be it in the memory or in paper, but packaging? Or is it something about containing? Pairing of items as well as matching stuff. Personality: self centred or is that a consequence of isolation or abandonment? Relapse in only achieving baby steps, surprise.

This is fascinating, and a great help to me. There is always hope, thank you Channel 4.  (Still no time for images)

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At the minute I’m in the process of opening a small but beautiful Pelekas Gallery.

But just in these last few days the sound of Mark Knopfler will not escape my small brain…who’s gonna be in the Gallery?
2 artists couldn’t be further apart, no pun intended, not only in gender, but geographically, professionally, vastly varying in discipline and method. Colour unites us as does our friendship and Pelekas village.
Some people have gotta paint and draw. So he’s gonna be in the Gallery.
That’s Warren Curry  & yours truly.
“A person needs a little madness,or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.” Nikos Kazantzakis 1885-1957
Ol’ Nikos sounds like a good bloke, …most Nicks are.

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