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OK folks it’s now official, the silly season has started. It’s speeding into July and so, we can finally accept the summer temperatures at the minute in Corfu. I was born for this weather. Let us not forget that the longest day has passed and we only have 2 months of summer left so let’s get down to the beach or the pool and enjoy!

Strangely, the island seemed somewhat subdued during my travels today, however it is a big changeover day with the UK flights, so maybe that explains it. Or is everyone exhausted by the extended football games, the exhausting drawn out tennis matches at Wimbledon (Go on Andy!), the anticipation of London 2012 and the general sporting hiatus?

During this next two months of madness we are delighted to welcome to Corfu (and to Pelekas) some of our Laskarina pals from 9 years ago and providing services for trusted and valued customers both long established and new. It’s a silly time but it’s also great. Keep smiling through!


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Cor blimey! Where is this year going? It’s nearly the end of March, a quarter of the year has just vanished…and only 121 days ’til London Olympics.

Before then, the swallows have to arrive, then the start of friends arriving, we have to squeeze in Easter, Big Week and Orthodox Easter including the Grand National, May Day, then tour operator repettes and start of the summer season in Corfu, the subsequent charter flights, then the arrival of the fire flies, Ol’ queenie’s diamond jubilee, the wonderful tennis, boat race, it just comes and it comes!

Phew, fantastic!

Best enjoy it all, before we raise the union jack to support and cheer our British Athletes!  Good luck to them all in their Olympic quests.

We’ll be watching the big screens, not in the luxury of a superyacht at Canary or Swan Wharf, more likely in the company of friends either at the Hawaii pool bar or down at Spyros taverna on Pelekas beach, so much cooler and relaxed! See you there!




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It’s not a fact that I often boast about but I have actually had the amazing experience of running the 100 metres at the Olympics. Let me tell you the tale.

Several years ago, travelling back from Lipsi, a tiny island within the Greek Dodecanese, to Corfu, our winding journey took us via Nemea, a glorious area near the Peloponnese and the Corinth canal. It was late October and we passed roadside stalls selling the beautiful Nemean grape and delicious locally made red wine. By chance, we came across a totally understated historical site and museum hidden away in the countryside.

Further investigation walking around the grounds we spied the entrance to a tunnel. Drawing us into it’s darkness and cool shade, we could see that the stone walls were full of scratched graffiti, not the modern garish aerosol variety, this was scribe written in approximately 400 BC. This was a site of the Ancient Olympic games! The tunnel would have been full of bronze Adonises prior to entering the waiting sports arena, crowded with noisy and cheering spectators.

We had to venture further, from the darkness of the tunnel we were immersed into the warm autumn sunlight, we had entered the stadium. It was silent and calm. It was magical.

With terraces on three sides, at the shorter end of the stadium we found a long shallow ridge in the earth about a centimetre deep, it was with the sudden realisation that this would have been the starting line for the barefoot athletes, that I immediately kicked off my shoes and felt the ancient dusty line under my toes. The fact that they also were naked did not however, entice me to strip off, but the sheer anticipation and tension of the start of a race spurred me to sprint the length of the stadium like the Lipsi wind. To imagined ancient cheers, as we were totally alone, I proudly ran the 100 metres.

An even longer time ago, way back in the mists of time, it was great to know the actual Bronze Adonis scriber. It’s true, I could be described as having an under developed athletic figure, “long and rangey” a so called friend once described me with a look of pity. I felt like an athlete that sunny day and funnily enough the Nemean contest victors were honoured by a crown of celery, and a very long time ago someone once mistakenly called me “Celery” instead of Sallery of course!?

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Seems rather odd that ex First Choice/Thomson/Der Tui colleagues might be working just down the road from here in sunny Benaulim, South Goa. The Taj Exotica hotel is a short walk along the beach from where I am sat in our office cum balcony looking out onto coconut palms. Not bad really, seems a million miles and a different world to that of “FC weddings days”. Staying in this utterly fabulous flat with all mod cons in great comfort, all for 10.00 euros a night, a bit less than the Taj guests pay. You know I love a bargain. Just about to start some work, all’s well in the state of Goa.

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Never would I have believed it, I know I go on about how strangely fated things are in life, where it takes you, but yesterday I was given the amazing chance to pilot a small plane whilst high in the sky above the Ionian islands. For anyone who has glanced at a few of my posts, Barabara in particular,  I can honestly report that it was beyond my dreams.

With the confidence and trust of captain Spiros, I was responsible for maintaining the correct altitude and direction… this was in a single propeller plane, the sense of responsibility was enormous. On the return, with 2 passengers, my feeling of responsibility reached new heights, but my confidence grew, a tiny bit. However, when I was then instructed to climb from 1,700 feet up to 2,500, pretty high believe me, then up to 3,000 feet, it was a real test of my nerve. In total it was 4 hours of focused adrenalin control.

It was really great to be challenged, I needed it. Thanks Spiros.

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Now sometimes you get asked to do the strangest stuff, I know I’ve said to certain chosen, dearest folk that they could trust me with their precious lives… but am I SO trusted to babysit a superyacht worth 5 million? Ha, you ol’ land lovers…just done it.

Hey, you know what I’ve realised, it’s that I am steering myself towards a new floating aspect, is it on the horizon…? Can always fly high from the glorious teak deck. Imagine skimming the sea like a shearwater. Today is my father’s birthday, if he was alive today, he’d say, go for it SJ. X

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Congratulations to Rafa, bless him, he is just brilliant on clay, such utter determination, he deserved the title. He can match Bjorn’s record at the French Open but Borg was and always will be a favourite of mine. OK, Federer has matched his 5 consecutive Wimbledon single titles, but Bjorn Borg holds both records and is considered the best tennis player of all time.

Borg’s physical condition was legendary and unrivalled. He could outlast most of his opponents under the most grueling of conditions. Apparently, he had an exceptionally low resting heart rate, often reported to be near 35 beats per minute! At the minute! There was a rumour that arose from a military service medical exam, when Borg was 18, his pulse was recorded as 38. Borg’s true pulse rate was “about 50 when he wakes up and around 60 in the afternoon.” Fit or what?


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