Sweet Honeymoon

maldivesRHS 1000x340At the minute, as a wedding Celebrant, I am utterly joyful.

My latest bride and groom have just returned from their honeymoon in the beautiful Maldives and have expressed their thanks and gratitude in making their Corfu wedding, such a dream day!

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Thought I’d check out why some folk might be in irrational fear of these 24 hours & it’s all a bit odd, LOL.

There are a variety of apparent connections with roots both in religion & politics. One powerful masonic reference is to the fascinating Knights Templar, 100s of them were arrested in France on Friday 13 October 1307 falsely charged with heresy, immorality and abuses. They were bad boys, but so interesting.  Jesus is said to have died on a Friday, legend also says that if 13 people sit at a table to dine, one will die within the year.

In Greece & Spain the date of fear is Tuesday 13th. Wedding couples always feel so relieved that I never planned Corfu marriages on a Friday 13th, but were unaware of the look of fear on locals when ceremony dates fell on Tuesday 13th.  Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

Happy Corfu Celebrant

happy bride300x336

You know when you get that spare second in your life and remember to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

And you know when you get that really weird feeling if you have ever Googled yourself!?

Well I’ve just done both, right now.

I am happily chuffed to bits as “Corfu Celebrant” brings me up @ number 2 & 3, of only 3 so that makes me a bit unique.

Which is nice.

kite1000x340Congratulations!  Get the rainbow flags out! Same sex marriages have become legal in UK. Plan for 2014 and celebrate with a symbolic ceremony here in Corfu! It’s a dream come true, long overdue but finally there is recognition and equality. Crack open that champagne, mine’s a large one.

At the minute I am at the edge of my seat, I cannot contain my anxiety and desire for Andy to succeed, it takes me all my strength to watch the screen, I am having to listen to the crowd reaction as I am hidden behind the sofa, like I was as a 7 year old watching Dr Who! The fear and concern is so strong.  Oh, please dear Dunblane boy, you keep strong. How I remember that tragic day thinking my nephew and niece were there, for those children who lost their lives and their teacher, Andy you deserve to win.

700x238It’s a huge decision in life but I can announce that it’s official, I have re-entered the world of weddings. OMG what have I done?!

“From this moment on I am joined to matrimony of my own free will, I owe it love, faith and respect for the rest of my life”

Get ready Corfu, “Sally Weddings” is back, you can check out all the info by clicking here keyislandservices.com

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