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2012: it’s a special year for the royalists among you. Our Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne, not literally… nudge nudge, wink wink, how’s yer father, but as head of us Brits for 60, corrr blimey, who’dah fawt it, years.I am not a royalist as you might see, but I appreciate that they generate income and are a tourist attraction. Just a shame that the tax payer supports them, basically they are all on benefit, in my eyes.

Street parties were in vogue at the Silver Jubilee, I remember in 1977 our little hamlet of houses having a celebration, rather more of a cocktail party, well, we were in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Looking back at a few photos it makes me proudly laugh that amongst our neighbours all clad in jingoistic red, white and blue, my mum was wearing chocolate and cream! I wore skinny blue jeans and a rugby shirt, the old style, of course it was dark navy with a white collar, ever true to my homeland.

Don’t you just love my new photographic skill… I am lovin’ it!


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We are assisting in plans for chosen visitors to London 2012, Olympic Frenzy! Should be an amazing time to be in London, or time to escape somewhere calm and peaceful. Wherever you choose it’s a money maker for Britain, no question.

Getting a simple, effective logo that is also stylish is not easy, I think this one is pretty cool.

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