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As 2012 nears its end,  it’s an opportune time to reflect.

For all of us, looking back can often help see what’s been achieved, it’s a valuable tool. Where, who, what, why, & how are some possible questions.

Where: Stiffling Corfu, Athens, crazy Mumbai, friendly hot Benaulim, wild London 2012, Wembley, beloved Edinburgh, Perth (the Scottish original), cool Chiswick, Exeter, sweet St. Omer, vertical Verbier, ol’ bucksville Beaconsfield again

Who: Sheila, Amin, Ashok, Ron & Fatima, Sharon Pewsh & Mega, Cilla from the beach, Suraj, Ron & Fatima, Ivy, Jean da Silva, cool Mr.Lennox, Lindsay & Heide, uber cool Martin Eder, Hawaii Linda, Katharine & darling family

What: A necessary & welcome UK business, a never ever ending Greek one, a cool but weird & brilliant one in Laskarina, easy commute to a new workhouse, a tiny Pelekas art gallery, choices in work & living spaces, social too, continued excellent customer service delivery, journeys & travels on so many levels

Why: To keep moving & remain fluid, to try to have a good life

How:  Patience & commitment as always, dogged determination, looking forward with continued strength, unending resilience…

The highlights: Our mums both safe at home, First class Indian rail, bicycles from Margao, hammock & beers on Benaulim beach, natural stones from Amin, Corfu sunshine & the clarity of the sea, seeing old friends & meeting new, sharing good times & being able to share times that are less than good


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Seems rather odd that ex First Choice/Thomson/Der Tui colleagues might be working just down the road from here in sunny Benaulim, South Goa. The Taj Exotica hotel is a short walk along the beach from where I am sat in our office cum balcony looking out onto coconut palms. Not bad really, seems a million miles and a different world to that of “FC weddings days”. Staying in this utterly fabulous flat with all mod cons in great comfort, all for 10.00 euros a night, a bit less than the Taj guests pay. You know I love a bargain. Just about to start some work, all’s well in the state of Goa.

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