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As part of my diverse world, at the minute, I attempt to offer support to a sufferer of bi-polar, the person also suffers from further mental ill health and personality disorder. In the dim & distant past, I have helped many people with physical & mental problems. In my mind, I can only think how would it be ‘if that was me?’

Mental ill health can often be invisible to us, but it is everywhere.

Talking about TV programmes and documentaries, the Channel 4 series, The Big Hoarder, has been a helpful eye opener to the diverse extent of mental illness.

Only by watching an occasional episode, I have observed some clear similarities in the people featured, bless them and those who are willing to offer them support. Utter determination and strength are needed.

Intelligence, is my first thought, articulate in language, tunnel visioned in their quest, a similarity regarding a need for news, storing of news be it in the memory or in paper, but packaging? Or is it something about containing? Pairing of items as well as matching stuff. Personality: self centred or is that a consequence of isolation or abandonment? Relapse in only achieving baby steps, surprise.

This is fascinating, and a great help to me. There is always hope, thank you Channel 4.  (Still no time for images)


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Only a few days to go before the starting line runners and riders are announced, check the form and colours, ooooh, can’t wait, champing at the bit. Get the sweepstakes ready, have a flutter on the gee gees, why not?

Thank goodness for Channel 4 and their racing guys who bring such brilliant TV coverage, informed knowledge and pure excitement to all the race meetings. I was lucky enough to go to Kempton Park and Sandown races courtesy of Channel 4 and those days really were the best. At Aintree, of course it’s a great opportunity to brush up on the scouse accent egh? egh? Coom edd Davey Lah.

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