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Ooooh, I wish. An old colleague of mine shared my desire to own a Citroen DS, in fact I promised Steve Shaw that if ever I became more than rich, I would buy him one, haven’t forgotten, so the promise is still on. Steve was an old school, children & families social worker who would kick a ball about with kids and generally gain their trust, bless him. There’s an old, sadly decaying, DS on a back road on Corfu, I keep my eagle eye on it.

So, some observations of driving in UK, so far, have been listed below:

  • Heavenly smooth surfaces to dreamingly drive on
  • Vehicles look astonishingly roadworthy, decently cared for & maintained
  • An obvious code of courtesy is paid to other motorists & cyclists
  • Clear civic pride & respect is shown of the surroundings re: litter
  • There is a noticeable & remarkable lack of dead animals on the roads
  • No rotting Citroens lurking in the weeds & bushes roadside, shame

See? Nowhere is perfect.


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My ol’ car, the red bullet, could almost be described as “vintage”. Unlike in the UK where cars of a certain age become exempt from car tax, only in Greece could they increase the levy to ridiculous amounts.

Any road up, it really is a great vehicle.┬áReasons being: it’s red, it’s very economical with petrol, easy to drive, small enough to park easily, especially in Corfu town and yet it’s remarkably roomy and spacious inside, it’s rather old and battered…good for staying under the radar and best of all, it has a huge sunroof which is helping me get a tan this summer. I just love it.

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