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Ministers and officials are drawing up contingency plans for Greece including a cap on cashpoint withdrawals and limits on foreign travel should there be a Greek fallout.

Travel mole news has stated the above…does this mean we will be in a police state…limiting foreign travel!? Can we be protected from the evil eye? Beware, the writing is on the wall.


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OK…..it’s official in my mind.

Let’s be clear, I have been known to make a bet or two, ….mainly on the gee gees.

Ladbrokes are taking bets.

Wait for it….that Greece will revert to the drachma before the year is out, and¬†giving odds of 6 to 4 ON.

It’s a sure thing my friends.

So, get down the bookies and have a punt.

The countdown begins. 6 months to go.

Wish us luck as you wave us goodbye.

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