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Jolly Autumn

Had a great visit to the mainland recently, kicked through crisp, colourful autumn leaves on the banks of the lake at Ioannina and spent some good time with good friends. All in all, it was just a super day out.

We reminisced about the previous trip which was very, very funny. You know when circumstances develop and things just seem to get worse by the minute and as it all unfolds you think you have the laughing equivalent of tourettes syndrome…having to contain your mirth to the extent that it actually hurts, well that’s how it was that day. We relived the hilarity and my cheeks and ribs ached. FAB.


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One of our dear pals is having it tough at the minute.

Lots of emotions to deal with, a lot of them pulling on his heart strings and full of sadness, so we are thinking of him.

There are situations where one cannot help a friend other than offering support, a listening ear and genuine care.

Funny how sometimes in your life, you can spot a gem within seconds of meeting a person.

He is without doubt a special chap whom we love dearly.

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