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ImageAs a tribute to dear old Rabbie Burns and a reminder that it’s not long ’til Valentine’s Day folks, let’s celebrate the wonderful feelings of not only falling in love, but being in love and staying in love. It’s a precious and fragile thing. When unrequited, when lost, it delivers a pain beyond words. Cherish your loved ones.


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Love Got a good feeling as a fellow blogger, Patrick Latter, has begun to re-post his amazing photography to an astonishingly happy group of followers. http://www.hikingphoto.com/2013/11/26/shambhala-2013/

My good friend Janet, who also has an amazing talent, has started a blog to share her photographic work in this wonderful community of creative people. http://janetreidmanphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/claire-has-got-her-man/

It will be a good feeling to share a celebration on Corfu with Janet next year with happy couples at their wedding, their life commitment as civil partners, renewing their vows or naming their new baby. Life has so many reasons to celebrate, enjoy!

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maldivesRHS 1000x340At the minute, as a wedding Celebrant, I am utterly joyful.

My latest bride and groom have just returned from their honeymoon in the beautiful Maldives and have expressed their thanks and gratitude in making their Corfu wedding, such a dream day!

You can have your dreams come true, too! www.keyislandservices.com

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Thought I’d check out why some folk might be in irrational fear of these 24 hours & it’s all a bit odd, LOL.

There are a variety of apparent connections with roots both in religion & politics. One powerful masonic reference is to the fascinating Knights Templar, 100s of them were arrested in France on Friday 13 October 1307 falsely charged with heresy, immorality and abuses. They were bad boys, but so interesting.  Jesus is said to have died on a Friday, legend also says that if 13 people sit at a table to dine, one will die within the year.

In Greece & Spain the date of fear is Tuesday 13th. Wedding couples always feel so relieved that I never planned Corfu marriages on a Friday 13th, but were unaware of the look of fear on locals when ceremony dates fell on Tuesday 13th.  Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

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700x238It’s a huge decision in life but I can announce that it’s official, I have re-entered the world of weddings. OMG what have I done?!

“From this moment on I am joined to matrimony of my own free will, I owe it love, faith and respect for the rest of my life”

Get ready Corfu, “Sally Weddings” is back, you can check out all the info by clicking here keyislandservices.com

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThings happening recently in Corfu include:

  • Men openly eating fruit, mainly apples in the street
  • 150 numbers in front of you in the counter service at the bank and only one cashier
  • The sad realisation that there are a large proportion of people in Corfu who cannot work out the security entrances nor exits to banks
  • The instructions to the entrance and exit of bank security doors are not only given orally, both in Greek and in amazingly in English, but they are also written in 2 languages, one being Greek and also via clear symbolic instructions
  • Suffering the time in the queue for the bank in sincere despair at the pantomime of the attempts to come and go
  • Finally knowing that my first aid training might come in handy
  • Bank staff dressed in short sleeved shirts totally oblivious to the 80 or so persons of the 150 queue who are determined to wait inside – they clearly cannot face the stress of exit. As the inside temperature is set to 25C + and the waiting mass, stressed enough by their entrance, who are seasonally dressed in winter garb are so close to collapse I’m begining to consider my ABC’s
  • An intelligent Cypriot man, amazingly named Poseidon, identifying that throughout time, so now it must be in their genes, the Greek people are excellent problem solvers. They are experts at finding ideas to resolve difficulties. It is his observation that sadly, their difficulty is that they are totally unable to put the solutions into practice
  • I continue to have the patience of a saint

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Once upon a time, long ago, I accurately described someone as a parasite. Recently, it was a wonder to see the silhouettes of French Winter trees dotted by huge orbs of mistletoe hanging like Xmas baubles. Entrenched in pagan beliefs for centuries, this strange plant is a favourite Xmas time decoration.

mistletoe500Only a week away, the Winter Solstice was a time that mistletoe featured not only in days of the Druids but also in similar Winter festivals of ancient Greece. Seen as a life giving plant, a symbol of sexuality, fertility and love it has properties which affect blood pressure and heartbeat. It is also believed to benefit cancer sufferers. Unsurprising that modern times have seen us kissing under a branch of this beautifully symbolic and rather strange plant.

By the way, according to the Mayan calendar next week’s Winter Solstice…Friday December 21st…..wait for it, …. is predicted as the actual day of the end of the world. Oh no.

Who cares if there’s only 9 shopping days ’til Xmas, it could be only 7 days ’til the end of the world! Get the mistletoe out and get those lips puckered.


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