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Congratulations to Rafa, bless him, he is just brilliant on clay, such utter determination, he deserved the title. He can match Bjorn’s record at the French Open but Borg was and always will be a favourite of mine. OK, Federer has matched his 5 consecutive Wimbledon single titles, but Bjorn Borg holds both records and is considered the best tennis player of all time.

Borg’s physical condition was legendary and unrivalled. He could outlast most of his opponents under the most grueling of conditions. Apparently, he had an exceptionally low resting heart rate, often reported to be near 35 beats per minute! At the minute! There was a rumour that arose from a military service medical exam, when Borg was 18, his pulse was recorded as 38. Borg’s true pulse rate was “about 50 when he wakes up and around 60 in the afternoon.” Fit or what?



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