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Who put the colour
Like lines on his face
And brought him here
To a pagan place?

Waterboys,  A Pagan Place.


Very apparent here on Corfu, especially at Carnival time, this island with its colourful pot pourri of influences, celebrates some bizarre rituals with ancient roots in Greek mythology, Venetian traditions and primaeval fertility rites of Spring.

You have to be here to feel it and see this pagan antithesis of the sacred Orthodox church.

There are still a few villages that enact The ‘Carnival Wedding’. Until the late 50’s it appeared in the majority of Corfu’s villages on “cheese eating Sunday”. The Sunday before the start of Lent. 2 neighbouring villages each dress up either a bride or a groom, both are male and preferably both feature the attractive facial hair arrangement of a heavy moustache. A demonic satyr aims to ruin the holy marriage. During the ceremony, local village folk take delight in shouting relentless obscenities and taunts at each other.

Just a normal day then, eh?  Enter A Pagan Place at your peril.


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