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Mornings start best with a lovely cup of tea. Being in India, the world’s largest tea drinking nation, the states of Darjeeling, Assam are not far away. Afternoons are complete with a delicious, refreshing masala chai, tea infused with aromatic spices, cardamom, cinnamon even black pepper.

In the run up to today’s important state election in Goa, the authorities have enforced very strict measures to avoid civil unrest and maintain local peace, as in Greece, the subject of politics can raise the blood. It feels like a curfew at night, shops, bars and restaurants have closed early at 10 and, wait for it….a total ban on alcohol started on Thursday.

Being totally oblivious to this, as the sun set we naively set off on our bikes to our favourite eaterie, Pedro’s for pre dinner drinks and a game of Scrabble. We find that whisky & soda is a perfect accompaniment to curry.

Ashok, a characterful Nepali, who is almost our personal waiter there, and in my opinion I see him as our protective Nepalese ghurka, saw us pull up on our trusty steeds. Like all good waiters he knows our ways and always serves our drinks quickly. This night, he came up to us and whispered the problem he faced regarding the alcohol ban. Naturally, we were somewhat thrown and rather dismayed. However, he said that he would try to find a solution and after speaking to the proprieter Thomas, Ashok then appeared with a heavy tray carrying china cups and saucers, sugar bowl, spoons and tea pot. Not quite sure what was going on initially, he lifted the tea pot lid to reveal what looked like iced tea, that ‘water of life’ iced tea! With my Scot’s Hebridean heritage and adoration of the old Ealing film “Whisky Galore”, I had to chuckle. “Oh Captain Waggett, there can’t be a ceilidh without whisky!” Oor proud ghurka would have made a “braw chookter”.


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Ohhhh for a game of Scrabble@Pedro’s in Benaulim, Goa. Probably my favourite place to play in India. We should be there watching the Cricket World Cup really.

Good luck India. Nick says Ingerrlandd, naturlich. But, we do love Sachin Tendulkar.

Nick and I are in need of a well deserved sojourn to Goa and a chance to challenge my current champion place of the Indian Test.

…Scrabble Test that is.  Maybe this coming winter, we will see.

I have realised even more so, since creating this blog, how much I enjoy putting my thoughts down and how powerful words can be. I’ve just chosen some quotes to share:

By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach. –Winston Churchill

The most precious things in speech are the pauses. –Sir Ralph Richardson

Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood. –William Penn

Never miss a good chance to shut up. –Will Rogers                      Understood!

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