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As 2012 nears its end,  it’s an opportune time to reflect.

For all of us, looking back can often help see what’s been achieved, it’s a valuable tool. Where, who, what, why, & how are some possible questions.

Where: Stiffling Corfu, Athens, crazy Mumbai, friendly hot Benaulim, wild London 2012, Wembley, beloved Edinburgh, Perth (the Scottish original), cool Chiswick, Exeter, sweet St. Omer, vertical Verbier, ol’ bucksville Beaconsfield again

Who: Sheila, Amin, Ashok, Ron & Fatima, Sharon Pewsh & Mega, Cilla from the beach, Suraj, Ron & Fatima, Ivy, Jean da Silva, cool Mr.Lennox, Lindsay & Heide, uber cool Martin Eder, Hawaii Linda, Katharine & darling family

What: A necessary & welcome UK business, a never ever ending Greek one, a cool but weird & brilliant one in Laskarina, easy commute to a new workhouse, a tiny Pelekas art gallery, choices in work & living spaces, social too, continued excellent customer service delivery, journeys & travels on so many levels

Why: To keep moving & remain fluid, to try to have a good life

How:  Patience & commitment as always, dogged determination, looking forward with continued strength, unending resilience…

The highlights: Our mums both safe at home, First class Indian rail, bicycles from Margao, hammock & beers on Benaulim beach, natural stones from Amin, Corfu sunshine & the clarity of the sea, seeing old friends & meeting new, sharing good times & being able to share times that are less than good


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As I was on my way to do something for someone else for the 50th time today, I haven’t even got time to add an image, from Pelekas I saw that there were fireworks in Corfu town. Nice of them to celebrate the opening of the London Olympics 2012. (?) (!) Go on Team GB.

On another but related subject kinda, there is no doubt that in Britain we have the best TV coverage and programme making in the whole wide world.

Be it drama, sport, documentary, news, ok some humour could be described as a tad dodgy, soaps…hmmm, but in general, it’s all pretty amazing.

If there was a national institution to be beyond proud of, it is British TV and above all the beloved BBC.

I say, anyone for Pimms, …tennis, …a cucumber sandwich, …a cup of Earl Grey?

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Can you believe it?!

It’s crazy.

Just checked the Farenheit equivalent of the current and ‘real feel’ Celsius temperatures today.

Seriously hot.

We are talking 116 degrees F real feel and tomorrow anticipated, an astonishing 102 F actual temperature…and that is in the shade.


Phew! Scorchio. Time for a dip,

Best dip ever: from a great height in our Laskarina days on Lipsi!



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For those dear readers and followers of my occasional missives you will know of the strange situations and sometimes confusion regarding my first name. ‘Why, Where, Who’ helps to explain a little, as does searching for ‘Carol’, …check it out, top right.

What I find difficult to fathom is how both in India and here in Pelekas, people refer to me by obscure names. OK, in general, fortunately, they do begin with the letter ‘S’ apart from the ‘C’ word, no pun intended. For those who know my world well, you will understand my disbelief that out of the Greek blue, our new landlord, despite numerous times informing and correcting him, he insists on calling me ‘Sheila’.

In India, I had to repeatedly answer to ‘Shirley’, strangely enough also to our landlord there. You can tell I’m getting used to this.

It was only at the end of our migration to Goa that I was told the reason why Shirley was the chosen title. It was tactfully explained by our dear friend Amin that saying the word ‘Sally’ and addressing it to me would have been totally out of order. The equivalent word in Indian would be like shouting across the street at me saying ‘Hey you, Bitch!”. Funny uh? Now can anyone explain the Sheila phenomenon? That’s a BIG ask.

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OK folks it’s now official, the silly season has started. It’s speeding into July and so, we can finally accept the summer temperatures at the minute in Corfu. I was born for this weather. Let us not forget that the longest day has passed and we only have 2 months of summer left so let’s get down to the beach or the pool and enjoy!

Strangely, the island seemed somewhat subdued during my travels today, however it is a big changeover day with the UK flights, so maybe that explains it. Or is everyone exhausted by the extended football games, the exhausting drawn out tennis matches at Wimbledon (Go on Andy!), the anticipation of London 2012 and the general sporting hiatus?

During this next two months of madness we are delighted to welcome to Corfu (and to Pelekas) some of our Laskarina pals from 9 years ago and providing services for trusted and valued customers both long established and new. It’s a silly time but it’s also great. Keep smiling through!

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Everywhere you turn there’s a crazy amount of international sport going on, really you don’t know what to watch. It’s a dilemma, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Between Euro 2012, the French Open men’s final later today, the rugby, the cricket, London 2012 only forty odd days away, horse race meetings all over UK, in amongst all this we are also currently supporting an effervescent young woman, Olivia Michaud. She is about to cycle across India for the charity Childreach International. Fantastic. Supporting and providing access to education and healthcare to children by empowering local communities is an ethic we endorse, particularly in our beloved India.

We have been joining in this energy drive by playing a spot of tennis, naturally, it appears to be a bit of a light hearted game but underneath we are as competitive and united as Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf our doppelgangers, kinda. In their time, they were both number 1 in tennis, and like us are married to each other, no sporting pressure on their 2 young daughters then.

It’s a truly cosmopolitan time recently. We met a chap from Sweden, Lars is a returnee to Pelekas from the ol’ hippie days of the village, now matured and somewhat more well heeled with a remarkable command of English, he could use the verb fraternise with aplomb. He is also on the exercise drive….a desire to walk some of the Corfu trail which runs through the village, but his feeble excuse was that he didn’t have the right shoes, come on Lars, you can do it!

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OK, so for those sparky loyal followers – the subject, at the minute, is the delicate firefly.

It’s a sure sign of Spring, after the recent and current chill, great news. Bring it on.

Amazingly, first seen 5 minutes ago in Pelekas.

A very welcome and sweet firefly on the roadside up past Jimmy’s taverna.


Now, how’s that for an early surprise……beat that!

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