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Yes, I know that I have my wedding ‘insight/experience’ but I really would like to remind the world that there was an announcement posted on this blog, in early March, relating to the forthcoming royal wedding of which I am very pleased to state.

Check out the “Urban Myth?”

Welcome William and Catherine, see ya down the beach.


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Tabloid newspapers…what is going on? Happened to see a friend’s English newspaper today, well ‘news’ is a bit over the top, anyway, whatever.

There was some ridiculous bean picture and royal feature, not on the front page in fairness, nor page 3, but the bean apparently looked like our beloved, soon to visit Corfu in wedded bliss, yes our dear Kate.

Well, hardly one to jump on the band wagon, but….I wondered if this was a similar crazy contender? Wot d’ya fink? Ironic it’s also a queen eh? Ha!

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