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It is with great delight that my family, both generations past and present have attended Glasgow University as well as Edinburgh, the place of my birth.

misty thistle200The capital city is an ancient place drenched in learning, in fact I am so proud that Scotland places education so highly.

It is such a part of my being that I have the strongest respect for both my nephew, my niece as well as my friend’s relations who study there, I am very proud of them all.

I, alternatively studied in Manchester and still retain that challenging aspect to life.

Today, students at Glasgow University have voted that Scotland remains within UK, and so are against being an independent country. Although a mock vote, it is an indication of their wisdom.



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Don’t you just love the power of sport, being involved with rugby could be described as being part of a force. My family have had a long association with the game. My father played as a young man and proudly had a trial for Scotland. My brother played too and now also his son, my nephew, Andrew. Andrew is a gentle giant at 6’4 and¬†plays for the enjoyment of the game. He loves being part of the fantastic comraderie that rugby generates between those who just adore being part of it. It’s a great sports club across the globe. ¬†As part of our work in progress, at the minute, it’s great to be involved and brilliant fun. Thanks S & K.

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There are more Scots out of Scotland than in it! Proud of Purple Heather roots?

Even if you are from other Nations you should still check out the new page “The Scottish Connection” to see how you can delight in this fair land, from malt whisky, romantic castles, beautiful islands and highlands, rugby and if you are so driven, even golf! Enjoy!


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