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My ol’ car, the red bullet, could almost be described as “vintage”. Unlike in the UK where cars of a certain age become exempt from car tax, only in Greece could they increase the levy to ridiculous amounts.

Any road up, it really is a great vehicle.┬áReasons being: it’s red, it’s very economical with petrol, easy to drive, small enough to park easily, especially in Corfu town and yet it’s remarkably roomy and spacious inside, it’s rather old and battered…good for staying under the radar and best of all, it has a huge sunroof which is helping me get a tan this summer. I just love it.


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Having just spoken to a client who is coming out to Corfu later today, I know that the weather in UK is not great at the minute.

Well, I can tell you that it is certainly summertime in Corfu. All the seasonal UK sporting events related to summer are in full swing, as Wimbledon has begun, we’ve had Royal Ascot, coming up are Henley regatta, Cowes, Goodwood, loadsa cricket….it’s just endless. Best summer idea, ensure that everyone takes their brollies.

Shame, good for the garden tho’.

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Lots of nice exciting things happening as the summer season begins. Our business is certainly not a static one, there is something new every day and I like that, just so long as we can always deliver. Don’t you just love that the word business is also busy-ness! There is just so much going on, we need more hours in the day, and as the summer begins we certainly have more light hours in the day. No more early dark evenings. Brilliant!

Remain positive and optimistic, I say.

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The leaves and blue flowers of Borage were originally used in Pimms before they were replaced by mint.

You learn something every day!

Soon to be growing and flowering in Corfu, I have my own secret source in Pelekas..

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