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Come on Team GB!


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As I was on my way to do something for someone elseĀ for the 50th time today, I haven’t even got time to add an image, from Pelekas I saw that there were fireworks in Corfu town. Nice of them to celebrate the opening of the London Olympics 2012. (?) (!) Go on Team GB.

On another but related subject kinda, there is no doubt that in Britain we have the best TV coverage and programme making in the whole wide world.

Be it drama, sport, documentary, news, ok some humour could be described as a tad dodgy, soaps…hmmm, but in general, it’s all pretty amazing.

If there was a national institution to be beyond proud of, it is British TV and above all the beloved BBC.

I say, anyone for Pimms, …tennis, …a cucumber sandwich, …a cup of Earl Grey?

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