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OK folks it’s now official, the silly season has started. It’s speeding into July and so, we can finally accept the summer temperatures at the minute in Corfu. I was born for this weather. Let us not forget that the longest day has passed and we only have 2 months of summer left so let’s get down to the beach or the pool and enjoy!

Strangely, the island seemed somewhat subdued during my travels today, however it is a big changeover day with the UK flights, so maybe that explains it. Or is everyone exhausted by the extended football games, the exhausting drawn out tennis matches at Wimbledon (Go on Andy!), the anticipation of London 2012 and the general sporting hiatus?

During this next two months of madness we are delighted to welcome to Corfu (and to Pelekas) some of our Laskarina pals from 9 years ago and providing services for trusted and valued customers both long established and new. It’s a silly time but it’s also great. Keep smiling through!


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Having had a guid laugh at the Scots language glossary, thought I’d have a Scots Wimbledon post to educate you heathens.

The clanjamfrie better unnerstaun that there better be some wheesht, nae bawlin ay “Tim”, nae argie bargie or cairrie on wi yon bodach umpire. Oor Andy should be a kiltie on the court ilka time, that’d make them keckle, maybe even a toorie!  Naw yon short breeks. Aye he’s a guid callan, fair luiks like a craw-bogle, jus’ needs tae keep the heed.


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Having just spoken to a client who is coming out to Corfu later today, I know that the weather in UK is not great at the minute.

Well, I can tell you that it is certainly summertime in Corfu. All the seasonal UK sporting events related to summer are in full swing, as Wimbledon has begun, we’ve had Royal Ascot, coming up are Henley regatta, Cowes, Goodwood, loadsa cricket….it’s just endless. Best summer idea, ensure that everyone takes their brollies.

Shame, good for the garden tho’.

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It’s that wonderful special, summer sporting time again,…yes, tennis time! My Fellow Scot, Mr.Andy Murray is playing again today at The French Open, injury permitting. Is it just me or is there a Samson & Delilah thing going on with Andy’s longer hair? Anyway, Queens & Wimbledon Championships are coming up. It’s the 125th Wimbledon this year, amazing eh? I love it. My ideal world would be to travel the globe with good company, watching sport. I first went to Wimbledon ages ago with my brother Alan. We lived about 30 minutes drive away, we went in the early evening and it was possible then, for departing spectators to hand their seat tickets to anyone waiting outside the courts. We weren’t aware of this until a generous couple kindly came up to us and gave us their tickets to centre court! Showing my age, my heart skipped several beats as the legendary Swede and tennis guru, Bjorn Borg was playing. It was just fabulous. Strawberries and Greek yoghurt, a glass of fizz and I’m there!

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