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peacock croppedDear clients of mine who will be having a wedding blessing next year, have told me that the peacock is a very important yogic symbol as it is capable of turning poison into nutrition and represents transformation.

Strangely, as symbolism and meaning are so important to me, I have never particularly considered my own surname and it’s relevance to weddings and celebrations, which is my joyous work!

Of course, their insight into the peacock meaning got me going and I had to research further.

Apparently the symbolism of a peacock at a wedding ceremony can bring the following amazing qualities to your special day!:

Integrity, showing your true colors, nobility, holiness, guidance, protection, watchfulness, great vibrancy, “a walk of faith”, self-esteem booster, vision, refinement, spirituality and incorruptibility (a take on that ‘forsaking all others’ line from traditional wedding vows!) Phew!

I was delighted to also learn that in Hindu culture, the Peacock is associated with the deity Lakshmi, representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck.

Well, well, the power of a name and the symbolism of a stunning bird!

“No pressure Sally!” I thought to myself.

Hope that I can live up to it, certainly trying my best xx


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maldivesRHS 1000x340At the minute, as a wedding Celebrant, I am utterly joyful.

My latest bride and groom have just returned from their honeymoon in the beautiful Maldives and have expressed their thanks and gratitude in making their Corfu wedding, such a dream day!

You can have your dreams come true, too! www.keyislandservices.com

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happy bride300x336

You know when you get that spare second in your life and remember to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

And you know when you get that really weird feeling if you have ever Googled yourself!?

Well I’ve just done both, right now.

I am happily chuffed to bits as “Corfu Celebrant” brings me up @ number 2 & 3, of only 3 so that makes me a bit unique.

Which is nice.

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700x238It’s a huge decision in life but I can announce that it’s official, I have re-entered the world of weddings. OMG what have I done?!

“From this moment on I am joined to matrimony of my own free will, I owe it love, faith and respect for the rest of my life”

Get ready Corfu, “Sally Weddings” is back, you can check out all the info by clicking here keyislandservices.com

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Organising weddings on a Greek island for my dear country men and women, the great British Joe Public – the stories I have are about to be told.

They range from tearful, fabulous, tragic, hilarious, dreadful, joyful and chaotic to stories of utter toe curling embarrassment. Believe me.



Previously no-one had ever stuck the job for more that one summer. Perhaps that’s why it was easier to simply call the person in that role – “weddings” than try to remember their name, hence aka “weddings’.

Was I mad?

Most probably and certainly I became even more so. Remarkably, I made it through eight summers and more than 200 weddings before they brought in the wedding white straight jacket.

Without these great memories and experiences, meeting such brilliant folk in that time, I would not be where I am today.

I raise my glass and toast the brides and grooms of Corfu!


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